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OILRIGHT | Моторные масла AboutNewsCatalogDealersQuestion - AnswerArticlesContact Motor oilsDiesel oilsUniversal oilsSpecial oilsFiltersOil filtersFuel filtersAir filtersAutomotive preservativesHydraulic oilsIndustrial oilsCompressor oilsCooling fluidsUniversal greasesFlushing fluidsTechnical fluidsWindow cleaning fluidsBrake fluidsTransmission oilsShock absorber flushing fluidsChain oils OILRIGHT trade mark is one of the oldest brands of Delfin Group. It has been available on the market more than over 10 years.

In translation from English into Russian word «oil» (olive-oil, sweet oil) means petroleum, industrial oil, grease, motor oil, word «right» (English) means correctness, accuracy, fairness, just cause, truth, right, justified claim.

OIL + RIGHT - «QUALITATIVE OIL» - this concept was laid in the name of our products (qualified motor oil at a fair price).

Green color which became Oilright brand color was chosen by our marketing team not accidentally. It is intimately associated with growth and innovation. The same as our company tries to improve the quality and professionalism following needs and preferences of our consumers, expand product line of brand products, and upgrade the product appearance walking in step with the times.

Thoughtful image is a part of the mechanism moving our business forward. We make our products easily recognizable by paying attention to the details and caring equally about quality content and a presentable appearance.

OILRIGHT ™ provides the customers with three main advantages:

First – the production under OILRIGHT trade mark is manufactured on our own production facilities. Canisters, printing (labels), and packaging for oils are also produced at the same plant. It helps quickly respond to customer needs and changes of market environment

Second - the quality of OILRIGHT™ production is constantly monitored by qualified specialists of accredited laboratory at certified facility during manufacturing process.

Third – OILRIGHT lubricants and cooling fluids are produced in various packaging to suit the individual needs of our customers.

At present OILRIGHT™ offers its consumer a full range of oils, additives and lubricants. We have a wide range of automotive engine and gear oils as well as oils for two-and four-stroke engines.

Products under OILRIGHT brand name are in demand in many regions of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. Our regular customers are enterprises of various industries: trucking, construction, metal- and woodworking industries. Our partners are the leading Russian refineries, distributors of the majority of foreign motor oils manufacturers.